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    Stock No DCC20100801008
    Product Name The CD47-C Time-Based Benchmarker
    Detailes The CD47-C Time-Based Benchmarker
    Detects transmitter equipped tools or MFL tools without transmitters
    GPS standard in every system
    Bluetooth downloading without cables
    Wide temp graphics LCD display
    Custom ABS plastic with urethane bumpers
    -40C to +85C operating temperature
    Swamp antenna options
    Subsea ROV/Diver housing available
    to depths of 150m (492 feet)

    The CD47-C with optional satellite radio can send emails, Text Messages and Google Maps location of pig passages.

    The CD47-C time-based benchmaker is designed to record within just a few milliseconds the GPS time of a passing intelligent inspection tool. This precise time coupled with the physical pipeline location is correlated with the data recorded by the inspection tool. This correlated data provides a major increase in the accuracy of a smart pig's feature callouts.

    Utilizing precision time synchronization provided by its onboard Global Positioning System (GPS), the CD47-C is able to provide tool passage time accuracy that is guaranteed to be within 250 milliseconds over the 7 day battery life.

    The CD47-C is the third generation time-based benchmarker created by CDI in response to customer's demands for an accurate, reliable, and robust piece of equipment that could be transported anywhere in the world and work right out of the box in the most extreme conditions of heat and cold. The CD47-C is smaller, lighter and simpler than the previous generations while providing greater ease of use

    With its ability to record passages of both transmitter-equipped and magnetic (MFL) inspection tools without transmitters, the CD47-C provides users with a comprehensive, well-tested and field hardened system for their benchmarking requirements.

    The CD47-C is custom molded ABF plastic with urethane protective bumpers. Power to the system is provided by two D-Cell alkaline batteries which give a seven day operational life.

    The LCD display on the face of the CD47-C provides the operator with immediate access to information about his pig run in any one of three languages: English, Spanish, or German.

    Information provided on the LCD display during a run:

    GPS time of most recent pig passage
    Current GPS time
    Current GPS position
    Number of recorded passages
    Number of ignored magnetic events
    Firmware versions
    Marker Data Analysis Software

    Using CDI's "Marker" program on a Windows computer, data analysis personnel can download and review the data recorded by the CD47-C benchmarking system and generate reports in ASCII text or Microsoft Excel formats. Report generation can be custom tailored by individual users with a built-in report configurator allowing automatic import of benchmarking data to a given company's proprietary inspection tool software.

    Data stored per recording:

    Precice GPS time of passage

    GPS position and altitude
    Battery Voltage
    Fimware versions of CD47-C and GPS receiver
    Number of ignore magnetic events
    Signal and Noise thresholds
    CD47-C serial number
    Price Please contact us!
    Brand CDI
    Manufactur pn CD47-C
    Ship wieght PLEASE CALL !!
    Hazardous No
    Big Picture