Oil and gas pipelines are one of the most important assets of any oil company. Pipelines, especially in the Middle East, if not properly maintained, have a direct impact on the nation's economy.

To date, there is no economical alternative method for transporting oil/gas overland, other than pipelines. Nevertheless, pipelines, in common with most engineering structures, are prone, for one reason or another, to deterioration during their service life. Consequently, pipeline maintenance is of prime importance to oil/gas producing countries, and Oman is no exception.

DCCYEMEN Pipeline Maintenance Department represents the culmination of extensive experience in the service business. They are the product of an organization familiar with the most advanced technology available. No matter what the conditions, our staff are dedicated to offe the technology that will make your operations as effective and efficient as possible.

The main function of STS's Pipeline Division is to provide quality services, safely, in the field of Mechanical Maintenance and Corrosion Control for any size of pipeline network. Our qualified crews have all the requisite HSE training and are equipped with latest tools and equipment to carry out activities. In fact, DCCYEMEN is very proud of its safety record.

The most prestigious pipeline maintenance contracts undertaken by DCCYEMEN are the maintenance of some of TOTAL pipeline networks in Yemen ( as sub-contractor for Supply & Building International).
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